Sunday, January 14, 2007

Final Day in Sydney

A great way to spend the last night in Sydney and that was in the company of the great friends I made while I was there. We went for a bite and some drinks at Lowenbrau. Carrie was very sweet, and brought me some delicious Haigh's chocolates. It being a work night, Carrie and Ian left after dinner and Mike, Bren and wandered the city and walked down from the Rocks to the Queen Victoria Building. We were looking for a bar to have some more drinks, and entered 333, but it was closing (it was barely 10pm if I recall correctly) and so we gave up. Brenden headed home and it being my last night, I thought to myself, I have to go to the Opera House and sit there, soak up the view just one last time.

So Mike kindly walked me there and we went around Circular Quay. When we got there, I saw the most spectacular moonlit night. Words cannot describe... and the picture doesn't do it justice either. I was breathless... I couldn't believe me eyes. It was honestly the best way to end a whimsical adventure in Australia. Just thinking about it now send a rush through my body. I can't believe I was there. I can't believe I saw that all and got to live it for 6 months. My only regret is that I couldn't stay there forever *sigh*

I *heart* Sydney

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Years Eve in Sydney and my final Days in the Land Down Under

Being back in Sydney was bittersweet. I was looking forward to catching up with old friends and enjoying the beach, but I knew it was the end of my 6 months plus the weather wasn't very good. So I did a lot of shopping and caught up with people. Mostly stayed in the hostel and around Coogee because I was exhausted and was constantly packing.

On New Years Eve, I met up with Dave and Kate and we camped out in front of the Opera House to wait for the fireworks. My friends Marcus and a fellow Chem Eng classmate, Varun joined us. Along with 2 girls that Dave and Kate met in Cairns. So we had a little group of people. We ate food, played cards and exchanged traveling stories the whole day. Thankfully it didn't rain and some people were annoying and rude (like pushing and shoving and there were a lot of people!) but despite all that, seeing the fireworks was breathtaking and unforgettable. I'd love to see them again. It was just amazing. There were 4 pontoons in the harbour in different locations, plus fireworks off the buildings in the city and of course, off the Harbour Bridge. I mostly took videos because the quality wouldbe better than pictures.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last Days of traveling... coming to an end.

Spent my last few days in Byron Bay relaxing, hanging out with the Whitby boys (Jon, Sean, and Dave) and going to Nimbin, small, weird, hoppy town. BBQ on the beach on Christmas day was nice. But the weather could have been better. Had a quiet night in, after hanging out with the Swedish girls at their hostel.

Boxing Day was spent being lazy. Went to the beach and it was cold, so I just curled up in my towel and fell asleep on the sand. Had a fun night that night at the hostel with fellow Canadians.

Sean, Jon, Dave a.k.a Whitby Boys

I was feeling a bit lonely and bored one night so I spent some time in the quiet reading room of the hostel. And along came the cutest cat ever and just rested on my chest and fell asleep. Luckily, some girls came into the room and kindly took a picture for me. How cute!! It brightened my spirits instantly.
Then off to the little town of Nimbin with the two Mississauga boys (Eric and Mike) I had met. At night, Sean and Dave walked me to the lighthouse and I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. It was breathtaking! A beautfiul way to end the most amazing 2 months of my life. See for yourself.

The boys walked me to the bus stop and saw me off for my overnight trip to Sydney. And here I am. In the big city... feels weird, sad and exciting. So much to do in the next week. Lots of people to catch up with, lots of partying to do and shopping! Next 2 things I'm looking forward to is NYE Fireworks over the bridge and spending time with David (before I see him again in a few months... *cries*).I can't believe it's almost over.... my god! 6 months went by in a flash!! I most likely won't update this until I'm back in Canada. So until then... Happy New Year and all the best.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas (from the beach)

Christmas in the sunny, hot weather! It's quite the experience. I'm in Byron Bay right now, last stop before Sydney and it's gone by way too fast. Been having a blast. hanging out with people and partying at night and suring the day, swimming and suntanning. I can't complain. Been meeting a lot of people, Canadians especially.

For the past two days, I was surfing! It was sooooo cool. I was able to catch my own waves and stand on the board. What a rush! Last night, had my own little Christmas dinner, a quater chicken, stuffing, cranberry suace and sweet potatoe that I made. Very yummy! And today, we're planning a BBQ on the beach for Christmas Day. Even though family and friends are miles away, you're never alone. Just yesterday I met 6 new people over dinner... it's incredible.

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Wish you all could be here. Being away has taught me to appreciate family and friends... so be thankful you are spending this time with them. I miss everyone dearly.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beachin' and Partyin' it up! Can't complain.. lovin' life.

The past week has probably been the best so far. It hasn't been about touring and sightseeing, but beaches, partying and chilling. After Fraser, I stopped in Noosa and had a great night out with Brenden who I met in Sydney. We ended the night at Rolling Rock for some pumping music and then a stroll on the beach watching the white water comes in from the darkness.

Then I met up with Kate and Dave from England that I had met through the Swedish girls, who I met through Sophie, a Dutch girl on Whitsundays. (phew! It's 6 degrees of separation whilte traveling). We stayed in Brisbane in the same hostel and had a big night on Sunday at Down Under Bar. 6 or 7 pints later (but who's counting), I was told I had a good time! A nice late night snack with Team Sweden and a bit of a quieter night out the next day after wandering around Brisbane.... it's a beautiful city.

Traveled to Surfer's Paradise with them. And MY GOD! it is paradise. The beach stretches farther than i can see, the water is gorgeous and the night life is pretty good. Another big night out with at the Shack with Kate and Dave, Eric and Mike from Mississauga, who I met in Airlie Beach through Ben and Rhea who were on my Whitsunday trip! Also called up Elli from the boat trip who was in town, and we pre drank at the guys' hostel and then hit the town. Went to the Shack and got back late.

Next morning we went shopping and signed up for a Club Crawl. That started at 5pm, free drinks and food, and even bowling. We went to Shooters, Melbas, Strike Bowling, Shack and Bedroom. The last one was my favourite. Then as Dave and I were going to get Macca's, we ran into Eric and Mike on their own club crawl, so we joined their group and got into The Drink (free drink and all!) and stayed there. After a while, went to McDonald's and ran into Sepide, one fourth of Team Sweden. What a laugh!! So that's what been up.... Byron Bay tomorrow. And I can't believe it's almost Christmas... holy crap!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fraser Island 4WD & Dolphin Kayaking

Spent 3 days and 2 nights camping on Fraser Island with 10 other people. We were fitted with a 4WD truck, food for 3 days and a map. We cruised along the beach at low tide going from one beautiful place to another. Lake Mackenzie was paradise - I've never seen water that crystal clear. Champagne Pools were fun. Indian Head look out aand Lake Wabby were some of our other stops. We only got bogged down in the sand once. We drank goon at night and watched the stars come out. Sun setting over Maheno Shipwreck was spectacular. Sand was everywhere by the end of the trip!

Now just chilling in Rainbow Beach where I went dolphin kayaking this morning. We were just a few meters away from about 20 dolphins which swam around us for a good half hour. So cool! But I got stung by a jelly fish tentacle that was on my life vest. Just burned by chin for a good hour or so, but I'm fine now. Damn that hurt and it was the tiniest piece of jelly fish - don't want to know how badly a full blown sting would hurt. Ouch!!

Going to Noosa tomorrow and I'll be chillin' on the beach for the next 3 weeks. It's going by way too fast!